Decree of expulsion and repatriation. Immigration lawyer in Italy

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The lawyer who witnesses the application of an unjust repatriation order is often a witness of the serious violation of human rights perpetrated at the borders by the Police. It often happens that in the airport transit zones (Milan Malpensa and Rome Fiumicino), foreigners trying to enter in Italy are blocked by the border police and held there without the necessary legal, humanitarian and social assistance. All this in violation of national and international law and, in particular, in violation of the human rights provided for by the European Convention on Human Rights. The H24 immigration lawyer in Italy recently[…]


Condemnation in Italy: Can the sentence be served abroad?


Legislative Decree n. 161 of 2010 provides for the possibility that foreign citizens, in the event of a criminal conviction in Italy, may request to serve the sentence in their country of origin or residence. What are the legal requirements? Have you been convicted in Italy? Do you want to serve your sentence in your country? The international criminal lawyer explains how to serve Italian sentence abroad in case of conviction in Italy. The first step to serve Italian sentence abroad is undoubtedly the recognition of the Italian sentence by the Judicial Authority of your country of origin or residence.[…]


International protection and the Geneva Convention

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Italian lawyer for immigration and international protection in this article will clarify the fundamental aspects of the application for international protection and the Geneva Convention. Did the police stop you at the border? Are you at Milan Malpensa airport or Rome Fiumicino airport? Are you in the center for illegal immigrants in Bari? Do you want to know what the application for international protection consists of? Do you want to know more about the Geneva Convention? If the answer is yes, read the article! If you want to apply for international protection, you can get in touch with a lawyer[…]

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