Lawyer for extradition to Belgium and European arrest warrant (EAW)


The Belgian prison, as stated by European and international bodies, unfortunately do not guarantee the fundamental rights of prisoners. In the event of a request for delivery from Belgium it is necessary to be assisted by a lawyer for extradition to Belgium, if you wish to receive assistance or legal advice on the matter, you can apply here AvvocatoPenalistaH24.it expert in the matter of European arrest warrant (EAW) and extradition to Belgium. In the two different cases that will be examined, the Court of Appeal of Naples has ordered the delivery of the applicants to the Belgian judicial authority in[…]


Dui Lawyer in Italy for alcohol breath testing


Alcohol breath testing in Italy: in which cases can be done and what are the rights that Italian law recognizes to you ? Contact a dui lawyer in italy for legal assistance in case of problem for alcohol breath testing. Write in the contact form below to talk to a dui lawyer in Italy. Did you ever drink and drive a car? If the answer is yes, first of all you should not do it, in any case if you never had these problems this article could interest you to make you understand what are the rights that the Italian[…]


Italian Personal Injury Lawyers. Compensation for demages. Insurance Law Firm in Italy

Brancaccio&Esposito’s Italian personal injury lawyers provides legal assistance and advice to people who have suffered an accident in Italy. According to the provisions of the Italian civil code regarding damages, any intentional or negligent event, which causes unjust damage to others, obliges the person who committed the act to compensate the damage: this damage must be considered both patrimonial and non-patrimonial (material, non-material, moral and psychological). After suffering an injury, you need to contact an experienced Italian lawyer to get the right compensation for the damage. The insurance law firm department involve: -) Road Traffic Accidents in Italy; -) Slips,[…]

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