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International Criminal Law Firm in Italy

The Italian Criminal Lawyers H24 is made up of the most important and famous Attorneys in Italy. It’s the Italian reference point in International Criminal Law.

Are you in urgent need of a criminal lawyer or a criminal attorney? Are you looking for a top law firm in Italy? Has a relative been arrested or does he need immediate legal assistance?

Don’t worry and contact Criminal Lawyer H24. Best Lawyers in Italy

The H24 Criminal Law Firm is an international law firm that deals with defending people accused or arrested in criminal proceedings and trials dealt with in Italy. Our lawyers are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week as our priority is to assist – at any time – people who have a problem with the law.

Who are the h24 criminal lawyers in Italy?

The h24 Italian Criminal Law Firm was born from the idea of the founding members and soon established itself in the territorial reality of competence, engaging in the defense of persons under investigation, accused or arrested in the proceedings celebrated relating to the following issues:

The Law Firm was born from the idea of the founding members (Avv. Bernardo Brancaccio, Avv. Vincenzo Ezio Esposito and Avv. Ismaele Brancaccio | Criminal International Lawyers) and soon established itself in the territorial reality of competence, engaging in the defense of people accused in criminal proceedings celebrated in Naples, Rome, Milan and in the whole Italy.

The Law Firm’s mission is to provide legal assistance and legal advice of the highest level in criminal trials, defending the rights of persons accused in criminal trials or of those offended by the crimes in front of the national and international Courts.

The constant updating of our criminal lawyers allows us to provide the respondents with adequate answers to any problem concerning the legal sector.

The h24 Law Criminal Italian Firm has endowed itself with valid criminal lawyers in Italy who deal with other branches of law in order to guarantee the protection of the interests of their clients in front of any national and international judicial authority even in a foreign language.

What does the International Criminal Lawyers in Italy do?

Italian Barrister H24 deal cases of:

What is the method of Italian Criminal Lawyers H24?

Our international law firm in Italy is not within everyone’s reach as our fees are quite high.

We decided not to accept all cases but to provide a professional activity of the highest level focusing only on certain very specific cases.

This has allowed us to face and resolve very complicated and thorny cases with the utmost satisfaction of our clients.

Don’t you believe what I’m saying?

Read our reviews here or go to the Cases & Trials section where you can check what all the release or acquittal measures were obtained in favor of those who believed in us and entrusted the case to us.

What are the services of Italian Solicitors?

The mission of the our International Criminal Law Firm is to provide legal assistance and legal advice online h24 of the highest level in criminal matters, defending – in compliance with the law and exalting the irreplaceable role of guarantee of the lawyer – the rights of the accused persons in criminal proceedings in Italy, in Europe and throughout the rest of the world.

Why should you entrust the case to our Italian Attorney at Law?

The constant updating of our international lawyers allows us to provide clients with adequate answers to any problem concerning the legal sector.

We deal with delicate cases every day and this has allowed us to gain great experience in this particular and very delicate legal sector where the interests at stake are high (think of the freedom of the person unjustly arrested).

In fact, we have valid professionals who deal specifically with national and international law in order to guarantee the protection of the interests of our clients before any judicial authority.

We are immediately available as we place the interests of our client at the center of our legal activity.

Our professionals speak English, French and Spanish: if you need an english speaking lawyers in italy, contact Us.

This allows us to deal with any legal problem in the national and international territory

Where does our law firm work?

The International Law Firm is rooted throughout the national territory and beyond. Our main offices are located in Milan, Rome, Naples.

Outside the national context we are in the main European and world cities thanks to a network of contacts that allows us to be operational 24 hours a day all over the world.


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