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Do you have drug problems in Italy? Contact an expert crime lawyer in Italy!

Are you accused in Italy for drugs ? A friend of you is in prison in Italy for drug ? You can have an accurate assistance with a Drug Crime Lawyer Italy.

Criminal Lawyer H24 can offer you a legal consultation to your drug problems in Italy, we can represent you in all courts, in all cities in Italy

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You can receive legal assistance or advice by contacting AvvocatoPenalistaH24.it/en  that will support you with an expert and specialized Drug Crime Lawyer Italy.

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How is it possible to obtain release or absolution for drug trafficking in Italy?

The D.P.R. (Decree of the President of the Republic) 309 of 1990 is the Single Text disciplining narcotic and psychotropic substances, and in particular the prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of its drug addiction states in Italy.

For years, our firm Criminal Lawyer H24 has been dealing with this issue,

An example of how you could be released or acquitted for the crime of drug dealing in Italy.

If our client holds some grams of cocaine, which exceeds the minimum amount of narcotic substance held, risk a sentence with imprisonment from 6 to 20 years and a fine from € 26,000 to € 260,000 pursuant to Article 73 D.P.R. 309/90.

If our client kept the substance in a rudimentary manner and during the search was not found in possession of sling bars or other packaging tools and also collaborated with the police delivering the substance and he’s just a drug addict, he will not be sentenced or he will benefit of the more favourable regime referred to in the 5 paragraph of 73 D.P.R. 309/90.

Paragraph 5a of the 73 D.P.R. 309 of 90 also provides that in the case of a minor one, if the person in question is a drug addict or a habitual user of narcotic or psychotropic substances, the judge may apply, instead of prison sentences and fines, public service work, and thus avoid prison.

Why consult an expert drug crime lawyer Italy?

The acquittal or release for drug dealing or drug possession in Italy is a result attainable only with the experience and in-depth knowledge of the legal norms.

In the case of drug dealing or drug possession in Italy, it is important to know the legislation of the Single Text 309 of 90 and all its subsequent updates as well as have gained experience over the years to obtain the release or absolution of anyone who has been accused or convicted of drug dealing.

For this reason one must rely on a specialized drug crime Lawyer Italy.

The mission of the Criminal Lawyer H24 is to provide legal assistance and online legal advice h24, of the highest level of work to defend people in all courts and for all the drugs problems in Italy.

The constant updating of our professionals makes it possible to provide the clients with adequate answers to any problem related to the legal sector.

You can receive legal assistance or advice by contacting Criminal Lawyer H24 that will support you with an expert and specialized Drug Crime Lawyer Italy.

Line h24 for emergency call. +39 338 85 15 424.

Or fill out the contact request below to receive legal assistance or advice, you will be immediately contacted by one of our Drug Crime Lawyer Italy.

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