Drug Trafficking in Italy: Drug Law Offense in Italy


Drug Trafficking in Italy: Drug Law Offense in Italy

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Drug Trafficking in Italy

Italian law (DPR 309/1990) punishes the promotion, constitution, management, organization, financing and participation in drug trafficking and if you need a drug trafficking lawyer in Italy, contact now our law firm.

This crime is pluri-offensive in nature, as it is placed to protect both the health of individuals and the protection of public order.

The objective element of drug trafficking in Italy

The criminal association aimed at the trafficking of drugs is carried out both by the union of several people who work for the realization of profits deriving from drug dealing.

A real organization is not required, suffice the concordance and convergence of significantly integrated pipelines in a context of stable and continuous availability, so as to constitute a point of reference and of sure reliability in the project having object of drug trafficking.

The roles of drug trafficking in Italy.

Drug trafficking association is an agreement to establish a permanent structure in which the individual members become parts of a whole aimed at committing an indeterminate series of crimes drug sales.

In this structural context,

  • a promoter is defined as one who, alone or with others, becomes the initiator of the association;
  • founder who participates in its constitution;
  • organizer who coordinates the activities of the members and ensures the functionality of the structures;
  • lender who invests capital in the association with the awareness of the criminal end; and finally, the boss who directs the company or a part of it, given a relationship of superiority with the associates.

The subjective element for drug trafficking in Italy.

The crime is given by the conscience to participate actively in the implementation of drug trafficking association in a permanent and stable way. It is therefore necessary to verify whether or not the person participated immediately or not in the drug trafficking association through a series of elements that we will be ready to bring to the Court in your defense.

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Defense in drug trials in Italy is very delicate because it is necessary to challenge point by point all the elements I have described above to obtain the release of the person arrested in Italy.

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