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Extradition Lawyer in Italy: Legal Aid and Criminal Defense in extradition cases.

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What is extradition ?

Extradition is a judicial procedure that provides for the surrender of a person who is in a State so that the requesting State can carry out the prosecution or the execution of a sentence.

It is an institute governed by Italian law and international agreements known by our lawyers.

Extradition can not be granted for a political offense or when there is reason to believe that the accused or convicted person will be subjected to persecutory or discriminatory acts on grounds of race, religion, sex, nationality , of language, of political opinions or of personal or social conditions or to cruel, inhuman or degrading penalties or treatments or in any case to acts that constitute a violation of one of the fundamental rights of the person.

Extradition is allowed only on the basis of a request enclosed with a copy of the restrictive measure of personal freedom or of the sentence of imprisonment that gave rise to the application itself.

The extradition of a defendant or a convicted person abroad can not be granted without the favorable decision of the court of appeal.

In this cases is very important to contact an extradition lawyer in Italy for legal assistance.


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