In this article I want to explain how to obtain a second residence or a second citizenship in Italy. To reach this goal early, it is possible to apply for and obtain the Golden Visa Italy or the Investor Visa Italy.

If you are wondering what to do, read the whole article.

We are an International Law Firm that deals with immigration in Italy at high levels and we are able to assist you both in obtaining an entry visa and in finding a good investment in Italy.

We are in fact in close collaboration with the best entrepreneurs in the strategic sectors of the Italian nation and we can therefore offer you a great business opportunity in Italy.

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How to get second residency and second citizenship in Italy?

As we have already anticipated, it is possible to obtain the second residence or the second citizenship in Italy through the ‘Golden Visa’ or ‘Investor Visa’.

What is the Golden Visa or the Investor Visa?

This is an entry visa to Italy for those who decide to invest in the Italian territory.

By obtaining a visa, it is always possible to enter Italy (and therefore in Europe) and obtain a second residence and a second citizenship of one of the most important member countries of the European Union.

After obtaining the Golden Visa Italy or the Investor Visa Italy it is possible to enter the whole Schenghen area without any problem.

Mandato di Arresto Europeo (MAE) e Radicamento sul territorio

How can I get the ‘Golden Visa Italy’ or the ‘Investor Visa Italy’?

According to article 26bis of Legislative Decree number 286 of 1998, it is possible to obtain an entry visa for Italy through an investment of money in an Italian joint-stock company (LLC, LTD etc.) or in a philanthropic association.

Currently, after the government reforms aimed at relaunching the country after the pandemic due to the spread of Covid_19, if you choose to invest in an Italian joint-stock company, you must necessarily pay the sum of €500.000.

If it is an innovative Star-Up, the sum to be paid is that of €250.000. While if you want to make a donation to a philanthropic association, the sum of money to be paid is €1.000.000. You can also invest €2.000.000 in government bonds to obtain an entry visa in Italy.

Before the relaunch decree (‘Decreto Rilancio’ no. 34 of 2020), the sum of investing in joint stock companies amounted to €1.000.000.

Now, precisely to encourage investments in Italy by people from non-EU countries, the Italian state has decided to halve the threshold. It is therefore the best time to invest in Italy: with €500.000, now you can seize a great opportunity !

How can I apply for an entry visa to Italy?

To apply, it’s necessary to connect to the Ministry website and complete the application form online.

The investor visa can only be issued to physical persons. Both investments in the form of capital increases and the purchase of shares or stakes in joint-stock companies are eligible.

In this phase we will follow you step by step. The whole procedure will be undertaken and defined by our international law firm which has been dealing with Italian law for years

Here are the steps of the procedure:


Phase 1: Getting your Investor Visa for Italy





You can find more information by clicking here.

Read the Investor Visa for Italy Policy Guidance or the F.A.Q. – Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the Golden Visa Italy last?

The entry visa to Italy lasts 2 years and is renewable for another 3 years.

At the end of the 5 years (2 + 3) it is possible to obtain the card for long-term residents which is clearly valid throughout Europe. Right from the start, and even later, it is therefore possible to travel throughout Europe without any kind of problem.

After 10 years from obtaining the first entry visa, it is also possible to obtain Italian citizenship.

Is it possible to get a visa for my family?

Yes it is !

It is important to know that if you obtain an investment visa in Italy, your family will also be able to obtain the necessary documents to obtain the visa for family reasons.

Why invest in Italy with a golden investor Visa?

Which is the best EU golden Visa Program ? Portugal Golden Visa ? Golden Visa UK ? Second residence or citizenship in Malta, Greece?

No thanks !

For the reasons I mentioned above, now is the best time to invest in Italy and it’s the best golden visa country for 2021 !

For what reasons:

  1. The visa money threshold has dropped significantly;
  2. Italy is a country ready for a real rebirth after the pandemic;
  3. You could benefit from an advantageous tax regime. Article 24-bis of Italy’s Tax Code (TUIR) provides for an optional tax regime that allows new residents to substitute regular taxation on their entire income generated outside Italian territory by paying, once a year, a €100,000 lump sum (read more here).

So, we have identified those business opportunities that according to expert economists are growing rapidly in 2021.

The clothing sector and the tourism sector will have a real boom in 2021 after the past year where there has been a big decline due to the pandemic spread of Covid_19.

All events (ceremonies, weddings) or pleasure trips to Italy have all been postponed to 2021 and it is therefore in these sectors that the best business opportunities now exist.

And here are 10 other reasons to invest in Italy:

  1. One of the world’s top economies and markets
  2. A strategic logistics hub connecting global markets
  3. A key global player in manufacturing and export
  4. A highly-competitive machinery sector and a strong ‘Made in Italy’ brand
  5. Excellence in r&d and innovation
  6. A skilled and competitive workforce
  7. An unparalleled cultural offer and country brand
  8. A strong set of policies and incentives to improve competitiveness
  9. A reform-minded administration, pro-business and pro-growth
  10. A country open to foreign investment

What are our current investment proposals. Our Best Golden Visa Program?

The first investment proposal is the one in the textile sector and, specifically, in the design and creation of ‘Made in Italy’ formal dresses.

As we anticipated, 2021 will be the year of events and there are already hundreds of thousands requests for the creation of formal dresses.
It is a sector that will have a great growth.
Contact us for more information on our first investment proposal.

Boccia Wedding

The second investment proposal is that relating to the luxury tourism sector.

Many people in 2020 gave up their much-deserved Italian holidays due to the pandemic. In 2021, also thanks to the vaccine, it will be possible to travel and not be found unprepared in a sector that in Italy has always been the most profitable.

If you want to get more information on our second investment proposal, contact us.

Faraglioni Capri

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Our law firm has been dealing with immigration law for years and taking care of every aspect

The application request to obtain the entry visa is not particularly complex but it is necessary to respect the requirements. To avoid risks it is better to rely on a specialized Italian lawyer to obtain the second residence or the second citizenship by investment.

Not only.

We are able – as you have been able to verify – to offer you excellent investments to do so in addition to obtaining an entry Visa for Europe !

What can we do for you?

Therefore, our international law firm is able to:

  1. Find the investments that are right for you;
  2. Prepare everything you need to get you a second residence and therefore a Golden Visa citizenship.

We will follow all the necessary steps, from the beginning to the completion of the procedure.

You will not have to think about anything as we will take care of everything and always make you aware of the procedure in progress.

The team of Italian Lawyer for Golden Visa has been working for years to take care of customers’ interests.

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