Do you have an immigration problem in Italy? Contact us!


Do you have an immigration problem in Italy? Contact us!

Our immigration law firm can offer you legal advice on your immigration matters, such as:

request international protection;
appeal against the decree of expulsion and repatriation;
apply for a residence permit;
apply for Italian citizenship.

We can represent you in all courts, in all cities of Italy.

You can receive legal assistance or advice by contacting the H24 Immigration Lawyer, who will support you with an expert and specialist immigration Lawyer in Italy.

Immigration problems in Italy. Who to contact?

When you first arrive in Italy, it is normal to feel totally disoriented and not fully understand how to behave and what to do to live, work or have your family regularly in Italy.

Unfortunately, as they say, “the law does not admit ignorance”, and in matters of immigration, this statement is all the more valuable since any small mistake, delay or error in the completion of an immigration file could determine the bad result and the end of your dream of living in Italy.

If you find yourself in this situation and therefore need help, contact one of our Italy immigration lawyers.

Why did we decide to deal with immigration law and immigration cases?

The professionals of the law firm Italy immigration lawyer H24, for several years, have decided to treat immigration cases in depth, in order to satisfy the multiple needs of our clients, and provide them with customized solutions that allow them to better serve all the immigration procedures in Italy.

As you may have understood, we are an international law firm and of course we take care of all aspects related to immigration law since this topic is definitely on our agenda.

Obviously, the immigration needs of our clients are always different, so it is always necessary to carry out an in-depth analysis of all the needs of the person and the available documentation, in order to be able to bring tailor-made solutions in the field of immigration.

In fact, in this area it is not possible to offer a single solution that is valid for all people; It all depends on the objectives to be pursued, the personal and family situation of the person and the time they have decided to spend in Italy.

What to do to come to Italy?

When you decide to come to live in Italy, the first step is to enter regularly, this will be of fundamental value for the success of your immigration process.

As I told you before, in fact, Italian immigration law has many restrictions, so if you have decided to live in Italy, it will be advisable to take every step from your first entry to Italy in the right way.

Our law firm deals with precisely this: providing legal assistance to foreign people who have immigration problems in Italy, to prevent them from making mistakes, even insignificant ones, which can definitely affect their practices and their dreams of living in Italy.

The issue of immigration, in fact, requires constant updating by lawyers, as it is subject to many changes over time.

The constant updating of our professionals, from this point of view, is absolutely necessary to provide complete legal assistance, which can allow foreign citizens to really solve their immigration problem in Italy.

Therefore, before coming to Italy and risking being rejected or staying illegally, you can contact our law firm to understand how you can enter Italy regularly and safely.

What does our law firm do?

We can help you to enter in Italy legally.

We take care of helping foreigners in Italy who have immigration problems and, at the same time, helping Italians who want to go live abroad or who have problems related to immigration law in a foreign state.

The professionals of our law firm deal with all kinds of aspects related to immigration law, both from the point of view of immigration practices, as well as issues related to deportation orders, as well as criminal proceedings derived from the violation of immigration Law.

Our main offices in Italy are located in Milan, Rome and Naples.

Do you have a problem applying for a residence permit in Italy?

Do you need a consultation to understand how to apply for a residence permit in Italy? What are the documents to present?

In this case we can also help you.

Our services include:

  • Legal advice on immigration compliance;
  • Provide document advice;
  • Provide guidelines on visa application;
  • Application for international protection;
  • Appeal against the expulsion decree;
  • Practical assistance and personal support for the application of the stay contract;
  • Practical assistance and personal support;
  • Translation of documents and certificates;
  • Legalization / Apostille.

With regard to residence permits and immigration law in Italy, we can provide specialized legal assistance for all your problems.

Italy can give you a better life. Contact us to find out how to come regularly to Italy

Whoever has knowledge of Italian immigration law and European law, knows that there are many possibilities to stay in Italy with the help of Europe, which is open to all.

You can be valuable to our country and that is why we help you to improve our Italy and give you the possibility of having a new life.

Our Italy inmigration lawyer H24 law firm is a reference in Italy, thanks to our work many people from outside the European Union now live in Italy with regular work and have had the opportunity to start a family and finally live in serenity.

Why contact an immigration lawyer in Italy?

Because we have a long experience in immigration law.

Our work is carried out in the main Italian cities where our legal offices are located. Read the comments of our clients here, you can be sure that our work is serious and efficient.

The mission of Italy Inmigration Lawyer H24 is to provide legal assistance and online legal advice H24 of the highest level to defend people in all courts and for all immigration matters in Italy.

The constant updating of our professionals allows us to provide clients with adequate answers to any problem related to the legal sector.

You can receive legal assistance or advice by contacting the Italy Immigration Lawyer H24, who will help you with an expert and specialized Immigration Lawyer in Italy.

Trust the experts.

The method of the Criminal Lawyer H24

Because our priority is to place the client at the center of our work, to take care of their concerns and fears.

Being the subject of a criminal process is a tragedy that involves the whole family.

Over the years we have understood this circumstance well and for this reason it is essential to establish a relationship of trust with the client from the beginning, which is specified in:

constant information about our professional activity carried out in your exclusive interest. You will be updated step by step on what we are doing and what is going to happen. We will explain things to you so that you can understand the difficult language of the law;

maximum availability: our firm is called Criminal Lawyer H24 because we are always available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, we are always by your side and you can always count on us. Every day at any time of the day or night.

formulation of an immediate cost estimate without future surprises. Each defensive choice will be previously agreed with you, you will not have unpleasant surprises and you will not have to incur unforeseen expenses. From the beginning, you will know the costs that you will have to face.

Respect for these simple rules and our preparation has led us over the years to give our customers great satisfaction.

Where does the work of the Italy Inmigration Lawyer H24 take place?

Our work takes place in the main Italian cities where our headquarters are located. We guarantee our legal activity in Europe but also in the largest cities in the world.

Some of our offices in Italy:


We have achieved contacts and legal offices around the world thanks to our team of lawyers!

Write to us and let us know from where you are contacting us, we will arrange an appointment at the nearest office

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