Decree of expulsion and repatriation. Immigration lawyer in Italy

The lawyer who witnesses the application of an unjust repatriation order is often a witness of the serious violation of human rights perpetrated at the borders by the Police. It often happens that in the airport transit zones (Milan Malpensa and Rome Fiumicino), foreigners trying to enter in Italy are blocked by the border police and held there without the necessary legal, humanitarian and social assistance. All this in violation of national and international law and, in particular, in violation of the human rights provided for by the European Convention on Human Rights. The H24 immigration lawyer in Italy recently[…]

Condemnation in Italy: Can the sentence be served abroad?

Legislative Decree n. 161 of 2010 provides for the possibility that foreign citizens, in the event of a criminal conviction in Italy, may request to serve the sentence in their country of origin or residence. What are the legal requirements? Have you been convicted in Italy? Do you want to serve your sentence in your country? The international criminal lawyer explains how to serve Italian sentence abroad in case of conviction in Italy. The first step to serve Italian sentence abroad is undoubtedly the recognition of the Italian sentence by the Judicial Authority of your country of origin or residence.[…]

International protection and the Geneva Convention

Italian lawyer for immigration and international protection in this article will clarify the fundamental aspects of the application for international protection and the Geneva Convention. Did the police stop you at the border? Are you at Milan Malpensa airport or Rome Fiumicino airport? Are you in the center for illegal immigrants in Bari? Do you want to know what the application for international protection consists of? Do you want to know more about the Geneva Convention? If the answer is yes, read the article! If you want to apply for international protection, you can get in touch with a lawyer[…]

Extradition in Italy: cannot be granted in case of risk of violation of human rights

Have you been arrested in Italy and do not want to be extradited for fear that your fundamental rights may be violated? Are you looking for a lawyer who deals specifically with the extradition in case of human rights violations? Would you like to receive legal assistance or advice on extradition matters? You can contact Criminal Lawyer H24 who will assist you with an expert lawyer in matter of extradition and human rights violation and, in general, a lawyer with specific experience in matter of international law. The case addressed by the Rome Court of Appeal in the recent Judgment[…]


The dispute resolution lawyer Italy is a lawyer with particular knowledge not only of Italian law but also of international law since he mainly deals with the resolution of legal disputes arising between subjects who are located in different countries. You can receive legal assistance or advice by contacting International Lawyer H24  that will support you with an expert dispute resolution lawyer Italy.   Contact us on Whatsapp  Contact us on Facebook You can receive legal assistance or advice by contacting International Lawyer H24  that will support you with an expert dispute resolution lawyer Italy.  Emergency Call +39 338 85 15[…]


In this article I want to explain how to obtain a second residence or a second citizenship in Italy. To reach this goal early, it is possible to apply for and obtain the Golden Visa Italy or the Investor Visa Italy. If you are wondering what to do, read the whole article. We are an International Law Firm that deals with immigration in Italy at high levels and we are able to assist you both in obtaining an entry visa and in finding a good investment in Italy. We are in fact in close collaboration with the best entrepreneurs in[…]


Have you been involved in a car accident and don’t know what to do and who to contact? Have you started a process to obtain the damages suffered for a traffic accidents but the offer of the insurance company does not match your expectations? In this case it is very important to contact an Italian traffic accident lawyer from the first moment. The Italian law firm Brancaccio & Esposito has worked for years to help people in the context of compensation for damages and, above all, for damages resulting from traffic accidents. Contact us to understand how to obtain the[…]

Interpol Red Notice Removal. How to delete it?

If a completely arbitrary arrest has been made against one of your family members, on the basis of an old procedure, already resolved, it is possible that you are still registered in the Interpol database. At this point you will have to contact an Interpol rednotice removal lawyer. If you want to obtain the Interpol Red Notice removal (or any other report present in the Interpol database archive), you can contact CriminalLawyerH24 who has already big experience in this kind of proceedings. If you want to be immediately contacted and you want to receive further information on the topic, then[…]

Are you looking for an urgent criminal lawyer available 24 hours and 7 days a week?

Do you have a legal problem and are you looking for a Criminal Lawyer emergencies Italy available 24/7? On Saturdays, Sundays, in the heart of the night, on a public holiday, at Easter, New Year, Christmas and Assumption you have a legal problem and you don’t know who can help you? Do you urgently need assistance or legal advice? Don’t worry, in these cases you can contact Criminal Lawyer H24 who will support you with an expert and specialized lawyer for the legal assistance you need both on Saturdays, Sundays, on a public holiday or in the middle of the[…]

Criminal Tax Lawyer in Italy. Tax Evasion. Bankruptcy

You can receive legal assistance or advice by contacting Criminal Lawyer H24  that will support you with an expert lawyer for criminal tax lawyer Italy. Do you have problems in Italy with the tax? Does the Italian taxman ask you for money? Do you have a problem with the tax declaration? The law firm Criminal Lawyer H24 guarantee legal advice for your case and we speak English fluently. Do you have tax problems in Italy? We can assist you in tax law. You do not speak Italian and you do not know how the tax is regulated in Italy? We[…]