Crypto Scam: is it possible to recover the money?


Crypto Scam: is it possible to recover the money?

Do you feel stupid because you thought you were making a good investment and instead you realized that you were only the victim of a Crypto scam?

Did they trick you into saying they guaranteed you safe and highly profitable passive returns?

Did you hand over your life savings to a supposed broker -who you didn’t even know- and now you feel lost and believe everything is  irrecoverable?

You are wrong! Read this article to the end, I assure you that there is hope.

By now, online scams are the order of the day and you have to be careful not to be scammed by nonexistent companies and fake financial advisors but, if unfortunately you haven’t read our tips on how not to be scammed and recognize a crypto bitcoin scam, I am here to explain how it is possible to recover money in case of a scam by fake broker or from a nonexistent company.

Is it possible to recover money from a crypto scam?

In my opinion, the answer is yes! I say this for a number of reasons.

The first reason is that – as a lawyer specialized in online scams – we have already recovered large amounts of money for customers who have suffered online scams such as in the case of an international scam that took place between Italy, Albania and the United Arab Emirates.

The second reason is that, thanks to the great work put in place by police and the relevant public prosecutor’s office, there have been cases in Italy of seizures amounting to hundreds of thousands of euros -that had been converted into bitcoins- which have been returned to the rightful claimants.

What were these cases of capital recovery?

In the first case, the person under investigation, had sold and purchased bitcoin through an internet portal.

Believing – albeit at the preliminary investigation stage – that there were prerequisites for the crimes of financial misuse, money laundering and wrongful use of payment instruments, the Police, on the order of the Public Prosecutor’s Office, executed a preventive seizure of as much as 206,442.32 euros on current accounts opened abroad.

Crypto Scam monery recovery

In a second case, another suspect, had committed serious crimes and attempted to lose track of the money he had illicitly obtained by purchasing bitcoins.

Bitcoin online scam

Through specialized investigations carried out by the Police, always masterfully coordinated by the local Public Prosecutor’s Office, the preventive seizure of 222,956.00 euros was ordered.

As written in the provision, the Police have reconstructed the ‘specific transactions operated‘ by the suspect reporting the ‘alphanumeric strings‘ of the transactions carried out on the ‘cryptocurrency exchanger’.

The seized money was destined by bank transfer to foreign companies ‘subsequently in charge of changing the currency received (euro) into bitcoin‘.

online Crypto Scam mode

Well, as evidenced by the aforementioned judicial authority measures, it is absolutely possible:

  • track down the perpetrators of the scams;
  • proceed to the preventive seizure of the money for subsequent;
  • return the same to the rightful claimants.

How is it possible to recover money from a Crypto Scam?

First of all, you must definitely -as a first step- make an extremely detailed lawsuit complaint in order to put the Police in a position to make specific and targeted investigations for the identification of the perpetrators, as well as, clearly, for the recovery of the invested capital.

The complaint should be accompanied by all documents such as:

  • chat messages;
  • bank transfer slips;
  • telephone numbers and e-mails;
  • alphanumeric strings relating to cryptocurrency transactions.

As previously indicated, through the alphanumeric string it is possible to trace all the transactions carried out thanks to the ‘Blockchain’ technology, that is a public list of all the transactions carried out which cannot be modified in any way.

Furthermore, based on national and international legislation, all platforms that ensure the exchange from traditional currency (for example euro) to cryptocurrency (such as bitcoin) must first identify the person who opens a wallet (virtual wallet) and report all suspicious transactions: this is required in order to comply with international anti-money laundering legislation.

It is therefore clear that through the ‘blockchain’ and the help of exchange platforms it is possible to identify the money transferred as well as the identity of the person who actually opened the wallet where your money is.

What are the investigations that the police can do?

If the data in your possession is made available to the Judicial Authority correctly through a correctly written complaint report, they have the possibility of identifying those responsible and recovering the capital even abroad as you have had the opportunity to see from the judicial measures that I brought you back.

Currency exchange companies have legal offices dedicated to responding to requests made by lPolice: they are obliged to do so by law!

It is therefore clear that once the correct data has been provided to the Police, they have the possibility of having communications directly with the platforms where the funds are allocated or transited: this makes the recovery of the capital easier even if it is kept abroad. By now, for years, the so-called ‘banking secrecy’ no longer exists, and with cryptocurrency transactions there is no possibility of data obscuration by compliant bankers.

Furthermore, with reference to the possibility of identifying the perpetrators, I can tell you that generally all communications with brokers take place via chat or instant messaging systems (such as WhatsApp, Telegram) and this allows you to get from the operators  (such as Facebook that is the owner of WhatsApp) all the access and location data of the person who scammed you.

Through the connection IP address or the access log files it is possible to understand where the fake broker is located.

It is obvious that this is not a simple thing but, the greater the details provided to the Judicial Authority, certainly the greater the chances of identifying the scammers and seizing the capital subject to fraud as happened in the cases examined in the provisions of the Judicial Authority that above I ventured to mention.

How can we help you in the event of a crypto scam?

Certainly by giving you useful legal advice through specialized online consultancy 24 hours a day or by arranging for you the necessary legal documents to help thePolice in resolving your affair and, therefore, to finally get you back the capital that you believe to be completely lost.

If you want free advice, however, read our article Scams online: what to do to recover the money in order to obtain the information you need to prepare the legal action for the recovery of the capital on your own.

You don’t need a lawyer, you can do it yourself, but be careful to do everything right because a small mistake or a small forgetfulness can jeopardize the whole work.

Why contact an expert crypto scam lawyer?

As you may have understood, the one dealt with is a complex, delicate matter that requires particular and specific professional skills that not all lawyers possess.

It is therefore always advisable to rely on a competent crypto scam lawyer who is an expert on the subject, who knows the legal matter well, so that, right from the start, there is the maximum guarantee of the right of defense, arranging the most appropriate defensive strategy to the specific case.

Get in touch immediately with one of our lawyers who will explain our method that often leads us to have great results with the same degree of satisfaction of our clients.

Why are our law firm’s clients satisfied? Why are so many customers so grateful to us?

The method of Criminal Lawyer H24. Why choose our law firm?

Our priority is to place the client at the center of our work, to take on their concerns and fears. Being subjected to a crypto scam is a tragedy that involves the whole family.

Over the years we have well understood this circumstance and it is therefore essential to establish a relationship of trust with the client right from the start, which takes the form of:

  • constant information on our professional activity carried out in your exclusive interest. You will be updated step by step of what we are doing and what will happen. We will explain things to you so that you can understand the difficult language of the law;
  • maximum availability: our firm is called Criminal Lawyer H24 because we are always operational 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. We are always by your side and you can always count on us. Every day at any time of day or night.
  • formulation of an immediate estimate with no future surprises. Each defensive choice will be agreed in advance with you, you will not have any nasty surprises and you will not have to incur unexpected costs. From the beginning you will know what costs you will have to bear.

The full respect for these simple rules and our preparation has led us over the years to give many satisfactions to our customers.

Do you want to know specifically what they say?

What do our clients say about us?

Read our reviews on Google and find out what users say about our law firm and our professional activity.

Rely on an expert lawyer for crypto scam.

How do we carry out the online consultancy service?

Click here to find out. I will describe to you in detail how we carry out the online consultancy service H24.

What cases are handled and resolved by our law firm?

Read here the cases handled and resolved by the team of the H24 Criminal Law Firm.

As you can read about our utmost dedication, our professional commitment leads, most of the time, to achieving the desired result.

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Where does the work of a H24 Criminal Lawyer take place?

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We have gained contacts and legal offices all over the world through our team of lawyers!

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