Online Legal Advice and Assistance in Italy


Online Legal Advice and Assistance in Italy

In this article I want to explain in detail what our online legal consultation service in Italy H24 is and how it works so that you can decide to entrust your case to us in order to solve the legal problem that affects you in a specialized way and without loss of time, so that you can regain the serenity that you have lost.

We know what it means to be involved in a criminal case and, for this reason, we are ready to provide you with valid legal advice to solve YOUR LEGAL PROBLEM!

What is the online legal Advice and assistance  in Italy service?

It is a high quality service guaranteed by the legal team of H24 Criminal Lawyer in Italy.

Our website, in fact, was created precisely to provide online legal Advice and assistance in Italy in less than 24 hours with quick, accurate and professional responses to the legal problems of those people who are in difficulty and who choose to contact us.

Therefore, you can count on the assistance of a highly qualified professional, who has acquired specific skills in the problem that worries you and that afflicts you: our goal is precisely to solve your problem, and to do it as quickly as possible!

Our 24 hour online attorneys will be ready to tell you:

  • what laws can be applied in the case of your interest;
  • what are the legal consequences that you may encounter;
  • how you should behave;
  • how and what to do to solve your problem.

Why seek for online legal advice and assistance in Italy?

Having a lawyer experienced in preventive legal advice is a fact of fundamental importance in order to avoid making mistakes that could harm you in the future and avoid being convicted without even knowing the reasons.

My advice is to look for a lawyer in Italy who has already handled a similar case to yours in order to get an expert advice.

How is online legal advice and assistance provided in Italy 24 hours a day?

In order to immediately speak with a criminal lawyer in Italy, please complete the contact request at the bottom of this page (you can send an email, WhatsApp or Facebook message) and you can speak with one of our experts immediately.

A professional from our law firm will review the application and be ready to conduct an initial telephone interview to give you all the explanations to take advantage of our 24-hour online legal consultation service in Italy.

Generally, during the first phone call (before the consultation), we ask that you:

  • Tell us what happened;
  • Provide us with all the documentation you have in your possession on the legal matter that concerns you;
  • In addition, we will immediately indicate the total cost of the consultation in a clear and defined way and without subsequent unexpected surprises.

Once you have provided the information and all the material at your disposal for the investigation of the case, we need the necessary time to study your case and, once done, we will organize a call or a video call during which, the Lawyer in Italy who handled your case, will be ready to give you all the answers you need to solve your problem.

The consultation has no time limits: our priority is to give you all the guarantees you need to calm down.

For us, a few more minutes do not change our life, but a little more information can make you feel more secure and serene, and this is the most important thing for us!

Who can use the online legal advice and assistance service in Italy?

The online legal advice and assistance  in Italy service is aimed at consumers, companies and anyone who has a problem in Italy.

In addition, we also provide online legal consultation activity to lawyers and professionals in relation to particularly complex legal issues and, in particular, in matters of international law in Italy.

In the context of criminal proceedings, we provide legal advice and assistance to those investigated, accused and offended by the crime.

What is the cost of legal consultation with an online lawyer in Italy?

The cost of counseling varies depending on the case to be treated and its complexity.

The cost of online legal advice and assistance in Italy is not less than 497 euros in addition to the accessories required by law.

We always ask for payment of our fees in advance (therefore before legal advice) because we are the most visited site on the web for the criminal law sector in Italy, we have many clients satisfied with our work and therefore every day we receive hundreds and hundreds of requests for legal advice.

It is clear that we cannot talk to everyone and always guarantee the highest quality in the legal responses that will be provided.

We must necessarily make a selection and that is why we have chosen to dedicate ourselves to those who -in advance- pay our rates that we will indicate during the first phone call.

How can I pay your fees?

Our law firm accepts payments through:

  • Wire transfer;
  • Payment by credit card through the Sumup circuit (at the time of request we will send you the payment link);
  • Postepay refills;
  • PayPal (at the time of the request, we will send you the payment link);
  • Western Union.

Why contact H24 Criminal Lawyer for legal advice and assistance in Italy?

As you may have understood, in the legal field it is always better to play in advance, have specialized lawyers and never leave anything to chance.

For this reason, it is always advisable to have a competent and experienced lawyer, who has knowledge of the legal matter so that, from the beginning, there is the maximum guarantee of the right of defense and to immediately find the most appropriate defensive strategy to your specific case.

What is our working method?

By contacting Lawyer online legal advice and assistance in Italy, you can:

  • get an immediate quote without future surprises. Each defensive choice will be agreed with you in advance, you will not have any unpleasant surprises and you will not have to incur any unforeseen costs. From the beginning, you will know the costs that you will have to face.
  • Always be informed about our professional activity carried out in your exclusive interest. You will be updated step by step on what we are doing and what will happen. We will explain things to you so that you can understand the difficult language of the law.
  • We are always by your side and you can always count on us. Our firm is called H24 Criminal Lawyer because we always operate 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, every day at any time of the day or night.

You can receive legal assistance or advice by contacting the H24 Criminal Lawyer, who will help you with an expert lawyer for online legal advice and assistance in Italy.

What do our clients say about us?

Read our reviews on Google and find out what clients are saying about our law firm and our work.

Trust experienced attorneys:

Find out who our lawyers are

What are the cases handled by the H24 Criminal Lawyer?

Read here all our articles and the cases treated and resolved by the team of the law firm H24 Criminal Lawyer.

Where does the H24 Criminal Lawyer work?

Our work takes place in the most important Italian cities, where we have our legal offices. Our main offices are in Milan, Rome and Naples.

The H24 Criminal Lawyer team is international and also operates in the main European cities. Our attorneys are multilingual and provide legal services in English, French, Spanish, and Italian.

We guarantee our legal activity even outside Europe. We have contacts and offices all over the world through our team of lawyers!

If you would like to speak with one of our attorneys now, please complete the request below.


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