Debt Recovery for Online scam: how we recovered our client’s capital

Debt Recovery for Online scam: how we recovered our client’s capital

The case of our client

Our client contacted us because he had recently purchased an online sales improvement course, for which he had paid the considerable amount of 15,000 euros, claiming that he was the victim of an online scam for which he needed a lawyer for debt collection for scam.

In fact, after a short time that he had started attending the course, the same realized that everything that was proposed to him with the contract did not correspond to reality, also finding that the sales strategies that were proposed to him had not brought any benefit to his business activity.

The same, therefore, considering himself completely dissatisfied with the treatment given to him and the sales strategies that were proposed to him, demanded from the Company that had sold him the online course the return of at least half of the amounts that he had paid, finding, however, constant refusal.

Therefore, absolutely desperate about the situation that had arisen and believing that he had been the victim of an online scam, he turned to the international law firm Avvocato Penalista H24 in order to try to obtain the debt collection for scam.

Our client’s case study

Once we understood the dynamics that had led our client to purchase an online sales course for the considerable amount of 15,000 euros, we proceeded to study all the contractual documentation that he had signed in order to access the course.

The lawyers Vincenzo Ezio Esposito and Ismaele Brancaccio dealt with the case, who immediately found various contractual defects that completely invalidated the validity of the contract concluded by the same since, if he had been made aware from the very first moment of the real modalities with which the course would have been held, our client would never have proceeded to purchase the same.

In fact, after having carefully studied the case, we could find that many of the items that were present in the distance selling contract of the course had never been fulfilled by the Company which, despite the numerous reminders made by our client, categorically refused to proceed to the (even) partial refund of the amounts that had been paid, simply expressing the will to continue to assist him with the online courses until the end of the same.

Clearly, once it was found that the sales strategies they had proposed did not lead to any satisfactory results, our client no longer had any interest in proceeding with the lessons of the course, believing that it was nothing more than a scam, simply wanting to get debt collection for scam.

Specifically, the real difficulty consisted in the fact that the Company that had sold the course, although composed (also) of Italian citizens, was located abroad, thus making it more difficult to recover the fraudulent credits claimed by our client.

The strategy adopted for debt collection for scam

Once we found out that our client was the victim of an online scam, we immediately started looking for any possible information about the company that had sold him the course.

In fact, surfing the internet we could find that there were many people who considered themselves completely dissatisfied with the lessons received but who, however, still hadn’t really understood the fact that they were simply victims of a scam.

As I told you, we immediately proceeded to carry out complex searches in order to find the real contacts of the Company and the headquarters of the same, considering the withholding of our client’s money to be completely unjustified.

Once we found the contacts we proceeded to issue a warning for the immediate return of the amounts illegally taken from our client, highlighting how the Company was completely in breach of the specific duties that were reported in the contract signed by him.

The violations that were reported in the warning notice

As I told you, the letter of formal notice highlighted not only the fact that the Company was in serious default with respect to what was proposed with the contract signed by our client, but also the fact that the same, if he had been aware since beginning of the real proposed activity, would never have signed that contract, believing in this case that it was not a simple breach of contract, but a real online scam.

In fact, the letter of formal notice represented the fact that the conduct put in place by the Company not only constituted an offense of a civil nature, but even the much more serious crime of fraud, thus highlighting the fact that our client, in the event of failure to repay the amounts, he would have proceeded to file a complaint to the competent Public Prosecutor’s Office.

Furthermore, with the letter of formal notice, we did not request the return of half of the amount paid for the course, as initially proposed to the Company by our client, but of the entire amounts paid by him, highlighting the fact that, although he had followed up to that moment the courses, he would never have started the same if he had been informed from the beginning of the real activity that was proposed to him.

The negotiations for debt collection for scam

Once the first contacts with the Company had been set up, the negotiation phase began in which the Company expressed its intention to return only part of the amounts, however objecting to the fact that our client had participated in a large part of the lessons held, having therefore got a head start this way.

Well, even in the face of these complaints we remained impassive with respect to the requests formulated, considering it completely unfair that our client could suffer an economic prejudice for a course that, normally, he would never have purchased.

Therefore, we continued to insist that the entire amount paid by our client be returned and not just one part, as proposed by the Company.

The return of the sums to our client

So as I told you in the preamble, after exhausting negotiations we managed to obtain the restitution of the entire amount from the Company, which, once the negotiations were concluded, immediately proceeded to make a transfer to our client in order to avoid the possibility of running into much worse trouble.

In this case, the impassibility of the lawyers with respect to the offers received enabled our client to obtain a result that was absolutely unhoped for at the outset, the same having repeatedly encountered the Company’s refusal to return to him even half of the sums paid by him.

This is the proof of the payment made to our client, who has succeeded in obtaining the full debt collection for scam.

Debt Collection for Scam

The extreme joy shown by our client for the result obtained was the greatest professional gratification we could obtain after days and days of hard and exhausting work.

Do you think you are the victim of an online scam and would like to receive our advice?

In this article we have given you the most important information on how we managed to get debt collection for scam.

If you need our advice and want one of our online scam lawyers to give you more details and information, you can certainly contact us.

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Why contact an expert lawyer in case of debt collection for scam?

As you will have been able to understand, the one dealt with is a complex, delicate matter that requires particular and specific professional skills that not all lawyers possess.

It is always advisable, therefore, to rely on a competent debt collection for scam lawyer who is an expert on the subject, who knows the legal matter well so that, right from the start, there is the maximum guarantee of the right of defence, arranging the most appropriate to the specific case.

Get in touch immediately with one of our lawyers who will explain our method which often leads us to have great results with a similar degree of satisfaction of our clients.

Why are our law firm’s clients satisfied? Why are many customers so grateful to us?

The method of Criminal Lawyer H24. Why choose our law firm?

Our priority is to place the client at the center of our work, to take on their concerns and fears. Being subjected to a crypto scam is a tragedy that involves the whole family.

Over the years we have well understood this circumstance and it is therefore essential to establish a relationship of trust with the client right from the start, which takes the form of:

  • constant information on our professional activity carried out in your exclusive interest. You will be updated step by step of what we are doing and what will happen. We will explain things to you so that you can understand the difficult language of the law;
  • maximum availability: our firm is called Criminal Lawyer H24 because we are always operational 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. We are always by your side and you can always count on us. Every day at any time of day or night.
  • formulation of an immediate estimate with no future surprises. Each defensive choice will be agreed in advance with you, you will not have any nasty surprises and you will not have to incur unexpected costs. From the beginning you will know what costs you will have to bear.

The full respect for these simple rules and our preparation has led us over the years to give many satisfactions to our customers.

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