How to request the criminal record certificate and pending charges in Italy


How to request the criminal record certificate and pending charges in Italy

Have you ever wondered how to apply for a criminal record certificate Italy (PCC in Italy)? In this article i will explain what it is for and how to apply it.

You can do it by yourself or through a lawyer.

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Having said that, we can go!

The criminal record certificate Italy is a certificate that public or private organizations usually request to know if a person has a final sentence of condemn. The Pending Charges certificate informs of all criminal proceedings that have not yet been resolved. Both certificates can be requested online and at the Prosecutor’s offices within the Court in Italy.

What is the criminal record certificate Italy and what does it certify?

The Italian criminal record certificate is a certification provided for by article 3 of Presidential Decree November 14, 2002 n. 313 and is required to the Prosecutor’s office within the Court in Italy.

This certification accredits all judicial and administrative measures referred to specific matters.

There are 3 types of criminal record certificates Italy:

1 General criminal record

contains the summary of sentences, convictions, irrevocable measures against the applicant, in the civil, criminal and administrative sphere;

2 Civil criminal record

refers to the provisions relating to personal capacity (judicial or legal interdiction, disqualification, provisions on the loss or revocation of Italian citizenship, support administration) and bankruptcy proceedings against the person (they can no longer be registered since 1 January 2008);

3 Criminal record

containing the final sentences of condemn.

Why may you need these documents?

The criminal record certificate Italy is often required for:

  • 1. a possible employment contract;
  • 2. participate in public competitions;
  • 3. a case of adoption or foster care of minors;
  • 4. in the case of an application for a residence permit or on immigration issues;
  • 5. passport;
  • 6. evaluations of social services;
  • 7. labor disputes;
  • 8. tenders;
  • 9. residence permits;
  • 10. Consular authorization to marry a foreign person not belonging to the EU.

Now let’s move on to the pending charges certificate.

What is the Pending Charges certificate?

The pending charges certificate, as its name already explains, reports on all criminal proceedings against a person that have not yet been resolved and therefore are called “pending.”

Where and how to request the Italian criminal record certificate and pending charges?

The application for the criminal record certificate Italy and the certificate of pending charges can be made through a specific application form at the offices of the Prosecutor in the Italian Courts.

It is also possible to apply online on this website:

Criminal record request

The online service allows you to reserve the certificate and then collect it at the Prosecutor’s office in the Italian Court.

Who can request the criminal records certificate and pending charges?

The person directly interested or the person delegated by him, such as the trusted lawyer, can request the criminal record certificate Italy and the  pending charges certificate.

The Criminal Lawyer H24 team can, on your behalf, request the aforementioned certificates.

The application can also be sent by mail.

Once received, the certificate is valid for a period of 6 months.

Why contact an attorney to request these documents?

If you do not know how to apply, you are abroad, you need this document urgently, you can contact the team of Criminal Lawyer H24.

In 24 hours we can give you the certification you need!