Holiday accident Lawyers in Italy. Compensation for damages.


Holiday accident Lawyers in Italy. Compensation for damages.

Holiday accident lawyers in Italy provides legal assistance and advice to people who have suffered an accident in Italy.

According to the provisions of the Italian civil code regarding damages, any intentional or negligent event, which causes unjust damage to others, obliges the person who committed the act to compensate the damage: this damage must be considered both patrimonial and non-patrimonial (material, non-material, moral and psychological).

After suffering an injury, you need to contact an experienced Italian lawyer to get the right compensation for the damage.

What are our areas of practice?

The insurance law firm department involve:

  • Holiday Accidents;
  • Road Traffic Accidents in Italy;
  • Slips, Falls and Trips;
  • Medical Neglicence or Malpraxis;
  • Workplace Injuries.

Our italian solicitors guarantees judicial and extrajudicial legal assistance to obtain compensation for damage.

How do holiday accident lawyers in Italy approach the case?

Once assigned the case, our team of professionals, doctors and technical experts will proceed according to this protocol:

  • Study of the medical documentation requested at the hospital;
  • Identification of third party liability;
  • Quantification of physical and material damage suffered by the client;
  • And, if applicable, medical expenses incurred to undertake the compensation claim.

We will follow the compensation procedure in the utmost clarity and transparency, informing the client of all our work until obtaining compensation for the damage to the maximum extent possible.

What to do in case of an holiday accident in Italy?

For your case of injury in Italy, contact our Italian Law Firm formed by experts professionals in the insurance law thematic area.

The Italian personal injury lawyers H24 has been involved for years in assisting people in the context of compensation for damages and, above all, of those deriving from personal accidents. Contact us to understand how to obtain compensation for damage resulting from an unlawful act and obtain the maximum possible compensation for damages.

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