Sex Crimes lawyer Italy: Legal Assistance and Advice

Sex Crimes lawyer Italy: Legal Assistance and Advice

If you have been accused and/or arrested for committing a sex crime in Italy, you need an aggressive and experienced sex crimes lawyer Italy.

Our Sex crimes lawyer in italy, is a former prosecutor who has firsthand knowledge and experience exploiting and weakening the prosecution’s allegations against you.

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The Brancaccio&Esposito is an italian law firm for criminal defense in sex crimes proceedings committed in Italy.

Which are sex crimes in Italy?

Sex crimes in Italy are child molestation, child pornography, prostitution, sexual battery, sexual assault, statutory rape, solicitation, rape, date rape, or indecent exposure.

Sexual assault occurs when anyone, with violence or threat or through abuse of authority, forces someone to perform or suffer sexual acts and is punished with imprisonment from five to ten years. The same penalty applies to those who induce someone to perform or suffer sexual acts:

1) abusing the conditions of physical or mental inferiority of the offended person at the time of the event;

2) misleading the injured person for having taken the guilty party to another person. In cases of lesser severity, the penalty is less than two thirds.

In this cases is very important to contact an experienced sex crimes lawyer in Italy for legal assistance in criminal proceedings.

Why contact Brancaccio&Esposito Law Firm, sex crimes lawyer in Italy?

The Brancaccio&Esposito Law Firm has gained, over the years, a great experience in sex crimes pending before National and International Judicial Authorities.

The lawyers of our law firm speak English correctly and collaborate with the best European and international law firms to provide legal assistance in Italy, Europe and all over the world.

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