Residence permit lawyer in Italy: what are the conditions ?


Residence permit lawyer in Italy: what are the conditions ?

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Citizens of non-EU countries, if want to live or stay freely in Italy for a period of more than 3 months, need to request to the Italian State a residence permit.

Which law does it apply?

In this case, the regulations for the issue of residence permits in Italy are specifically provided for by Legislative Decree no. 286/1998 dated 25.07.1998 which indicates the requirements, the methods of request, the reasons supporting the request and the duration of the different residence permits.

It is advisable to know that, given the complexity of the request, in order to avoid any type of error that could completely compromise the success of your request, it would be advisable to contact a residence permit Lawyer in Italy.

What are the requirements?

The first requirement for obtaining the residence permit in Italy, except in cases of force majeure, is to have entered in Italy regularly: the foreigner must be in possession of a passport (or equivalent document) and an entry visa issued by the Italian consular or diplomatic representatives in their country of origin.

The residence permit must be requested from the Questura of the place where the foreigner is located within 8 days of their entry in Italy.

What are the residence permits?

Depending on the period of time, or the specific reasons that led the person to apply for the residence permit, we have different types of residence permits:

  • Golden Visa or Investor Visa;
  • A residence permit for seasonal work reasons whose duration, depending on the case, can not exceed 6 or 9 months;
  • A residence permit for study purposes, whose duration is annual (renewable for multi-year courses);
  • A residence permit for work reasons, for self-employed or subordinate work, for an indefinite period of work or for reasons of family reunification, whose duration may not exceed two years.
  • A residence permit for subsidiary protection, which has completely replaced the residence permit for humanitarian reasons, the duration of which can not exceed one year.

In the case that the foreigner regularly resides in Italy for at least five years, is the holder of a residence permit for a reason that allows an indefinite number of renewals and proves to have a sufficient income for him and his family members, he can require to the Questura the carta di soggiorno, whose duration is unlimited.

What to do in case of rejection of the request?

Contact Us, we can we will file a complaint for you!

In case of rejection of the application for a residence permit, whatever the reason for support, it is necessary to have a residence permit lawyer in Italy.

Italian Lawyer H24 in Italy has a consolidated experience in the field of residence permits in Italy and will be able to provide you with an immediate legal advice even in a foreign language, so if you need assistance or legal advice, contact us.

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