Money recovery for fake online trading: how did we do it?


Money recovery for fake online trading: how did we do it?

Well yes, we have succeeded, once again: we are specialized in recovering money in case you have suffered an online scam for fake online trading.

In this article I want to explain how we managed to raise and give hope to a client of ours who by now seemed lost, desperate; we recovered the capital she thought had been invested on her behalf, and instead she had simply fallen into the trap of the fake broker on duty who promised the high seas.

I’ll explain in detail the method of the scam perpetrated against our client and how we subsequently managed to recover the money.

The method of the scam committed against one of our clients

Our client was initially lured through the instant messaging application called ‘WhatsApp’ and was subsequently contacted through apparently foreign telephone users by people who claimed to be ‘brokers’ and prospected the possibility of making her huge gains.

Our client, beguiled by the promises of the alleged ‘broker,’ paid out a large sum of money as she was misled by the trading platform that falsely promised juicy daily earnings through algorithmic online trading.

Yes, the screenshots and graphs shown within the said platform, it was later realized, did not correspond to reality and had the sole purpose of inducing our client to pour in the money glutted by the fake profits shown.

Why did our client understand that it was fake online trading?

As already described above, our client became suspicious when – after sending the large sum of money – she requested a withdrawal to probe the actual goodness of the investment: a withdrawal that was never granted to her by the platform in question.

At this point our client, aware of having been the victim of a scam relating to fake online trading, decided to contact our law firm and rely on a crypto lawyer expert in the cryptocurrency sector to take legal action aimed at recovering the unduly capital poured out.

Why did the client contact Criminal Lawyer H24 for fake online trading?

We are a law firm that has dealt with several cases of fraud perpetrated through false online trading and we have dealt with the subject several times, both in the courtrooms and here on our blog.

In fact, on our website and on the Avvocato Penalista H24 Youtube Channel we have examined the topic – delicate and always current – of online scams several times; to this end, I am sharing several links below so that you can understand that we are experts in the sector or – in some way – benefit from it:

It is clear that, by always dealing with the same issue every day, we have developed a certain familiarity and experience in this area and for this reason many people entrust us with the residual hopes of recovering the capital in the event of an online scam.

But is it actually possible to recover the money after having suffered an online scam?

In our opinion, the answer is affirmative.

We did it for some of our customers.

Read the article on how we managed to recover money from an online scam.

But, also, I have to tell you that they weren’t the only cases, in fact, in Italy, there were several episodes in which the forces of order managed – through seizures of hundreds of thousands of euros – to recover the money that unsuspecting small investors thought they had invested and instead had fallen into the trap set against them.

And, as I told you at the beginning of this article, we succeeded in this case too: do you want to know how?

I’ll explain it to you right away.

What is our approach to the study of online fake online trading cases?

In order to be able to evaluate the case and, therefore, take the quickest and most appropriate ways to recover the paid-in capital, we must immediately access the deeds held by the defrauded person.

Therefore, the first thing to do is to send the complete documentation in your possession, i.e.:

  • chat conversations, emails;
  • payment slips;
  • images of the trading platform;
  • history of all transactions in cryptocurrencies etc …

This allows us to assess the situation and carry out (even through companies external to our firm, if necessary) investigations in the field of cryptocurrencies (and not) in order to implement the strategy that allows us to carry out a serious and concrete recovery attempt of the capital.

How did we recover money from an online scam?

We managed to recover the money from an online scam because we were quick and cunning, catching the scammers unprepared who were already anticipating the succulent loot they were ready to get their hands on.

Timeliness and competence made the difference!

Basically, we intercepted the flow of money that our client had sent to the exchange platform and we immediately intervened with a legal request, aimed at freezing the funds with a simultaneous and immediate request for their return to the rightful party: our client, in fact.

The funds were sent to our client directly to her bank account as can actually be seen from the communication made by the bank.

fake online trading

The scammers, greedy in trying to deceive our client to get more money, had that hesitation that was fatal for them! We entered into the transactions and brought home the result!

It is clear that to arrive at this great, almost immediate result, it is necessary to delve into and know with extreme accuracy certain mechanisms with which cryptocurrencies operate, in order to know how to seize the opportunities linked to the mistakes that fraudsters inevitably make and, therefore, exploit them in favor of their clients.

As I mentioned before, there were two factors that led us to the recovery of capital:

  • timeliness
  • the competence

after all <<no wind is favorable for the sailor who doesn’t know where to go>>.

And this is why it is necessary to rely on specialists in the sector who know how to advise you well as well as take the most appropriate and fastest way to recover money from an online scam in the context of bogus online trading activities.

How can we help you if you have been scammed by fake online trading?

In the event that you have suffered an online scam, we can help you by putting our professionalism and expertise at your service in the field of scams perpetrated with fake online trading.

What you will have to do is send us a request using the contact form at the bottom of this page and our secretariat will be immediately ready to explain in detail how we operate, what are the costs to be incurred and how to proceed to entrust us with the task.

We will apply, if possible, also in your case our method which has led us to obtain great results with great satisfaction of our clients especially – as you will have understood by reading this and many other articles on our site – in the field of online trading .

If you want to immediately get advice from one of our lawyers, do not hesitate to contact us immediately, we will be ready to put ourselves at your complete disposal.

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